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A young man named, Fenril visits his father, Troy. An archeologist. Upon arrival the island is in turmoil, monsters roam the land. Mercenaries are attacking anyone who crosses their path. Fenril tasks himself to resolve the situation.


On a distant world two alien races locked in war. The Duras, and the Zuni. The Zuni are ruled by the strongest. It is here the dilemma begins. Phaeton, a nearly invincible Zuni warrior, able to live a thousand years, wiped out all of his relatives soon after seizing power. Zero, Phaeton's distant cousin changed his identity and acted as an ambassador between the two races. In the shadows Zero secretly worked with resistance groups. As the war raged on. Two hybrid named, Veeorah and Nocturne were created. Their goal, to kill Phaeton. It was here Zero got to witness their awesome power first hand. However the hybrids would never get their chance. A sword capable of cutting anything was being transported near Phaeton's stronghold. In transport the caravan was attacked by elite Zuni warriors. Among the confusion a lone soldier wielded the blade. The enemy was wiped out by the soldier, who made his way to the Zuni fortress. There Phaeton and the Soldier exchanged mortal blows. The war was over. Afterwards Zero began to see Nocturne as the new Phaeton. Zero decided to seal him up and everyone who knew about the Hybrids into another dimension. Veeorah was appointed to be the jailor. To watch over the gate forever. Nearly a thousand years pass. An archeologist named Troy, and his best friend Kain begin to uncover what Zero locked away.

The world has enjoyed nearly 1,000 years of peace. Zero the ruler of the Zuni set forth many policies, though controversial, kept war a distant memory. Many of the relics uncovered are sent to academies for study. The Zuni and Duras empires share trade across a tropical island on the south pole known as Ithica. Aside from two continents the, remaining sections of the globe are still infested with monsters. Animals that are hostile to the Zuni and Duras. On occasion mercenaries are sent forth to reduce their populations.

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