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Ithica Production Schedule Part I
October Phase 1/3 Begins, Props List, Houses
November Props, Budget, Overworld 1, Swords, Story, Sizes
DecemberKiros Village, Budget, Props, 2d Game Gutted
January Great Passage, Budget Finalized, Gameplay, Ship
February Fusion Dungeon, Props, Basic Combat, Dual System
March Old Kiros, Story Rough Draft, Mini Games Draft
April Phaeton’s Fortress, Sky Kingdom, Benuto Town
May Rooms, Props, Animals
June Computer Dies, Tech Talks with Wii, 360, PS3 reps
July Logo, Gameplay, Design Doc, Story Finishes, Combat
August Basic Combat Finalizes, Talks with Sony Rep
September Legal, Staff, Atom Testing
October Treatment Plant, Duvo Town
November Power Station, Nocturne’s Castle, Rooms
December Mini Games, Talks with local Sony Rep

Ithica © is a registered Copyright of Jonathan Murphy

January Nocturne Dungeon, Ithica City
February Final Dungeon, NPC Clothing, Props
March Hill Summit, Overworld 2, Farmland, Haunted Hotel
April Final Dungeon Exterior, Nocturne, Overworld 3
May Phaeton, Zero, Troy, Props, Atom Tests, Logo, 1/3 Done
June Speedtree Finalized, Design Doc Finalized
July Mandelbox, Aerometrex, Electric Sheep
August Kickstarter Preparation, Work with Animator Ends
September Magic System Finalized
October Maze Mini Game, Mercenaries Mini Game
November Haunted Hotel Mini Game, Atom Testing Animation
December Dennis Animation Method Considered


January UI Design, Atom Tests, 2d version update
February Prep for Humble Bundle Marathon, Dungeon Traps
March Outerra, Fractal Talks, More Business Talks
April Tested Voxel Engines, Tested Everquest Next
May Interview 3/4 voxel devs for HB Charity, raised +$500k
June Seek Funds, Stitching back 2d Game, Animation Tested
July Further Involvment with Voxel Engines, Devs
August Completed 2d version overhauls, old game is done
September Developed Voxelization Method for 3d imports
October Helped expand the network of voxel devs, Veeorah
November Since Sept, overhauling scenes with Voxelization
December FAQ video on Atoms vs Polygons, porting begins


January UI testing, many improvements to humor story line
February UI video done, ports, helped a little with Crowfall
March Ports, removed Boss mode mini game, UI video
April Haunted Hotel Done, Formed Voxel Dev Network
May Zone 1 Porting Complete, Expanded Network
June 2/3 Production begins, character models 
July Business, expand network, Veeorah model
August Haunted hotel overhauls, testing, 6th minigame tested
September Veeorah model, mansion interior
October Creature design, animations
November Veeorah finished
December Phaeton overhauls
January Phaeton finished
February Zone 2 dungeon 1 porting
March Zone 2 city porting, zone 2 dungeon 3, interior
April Zone 2 dungeon 2, zone 2 landscape
May Fenril character model, zone 2 complete
June Fenril complete
July Zone 3 city
August Bonus city 1, combat testing
September Bonus area 2, boss testing
October Mainland, boats, storyboards
November Ithica fully ported. 2/3 complete
December Vacation, business talks
January Nocturne, Ari modeling
February Nocturne complete, business talks
March Zone 2 city porting, zone 2 dungeon 3, interior