Combat Mini Games Dual System

This was only possible with the atom engine. In Ithica the sword is treated as a real blade. A swipe will send limbs flying in the M rated version. We needed a good frame rate, 120 fps. With the increase, the combat feels fluid. To make the game easier we added auto dodge, and a parry bar. When it runs out the next blow will be fatal. This adds tension without making it highly difficult.


Most of Ithica's quests are the mini games tucked into the over world. Help solve a murder in the Haunted Hotel. Save residents during a hurricane. Help kids escape a mercenary. Each mini game can be played in the main story, or online with friends. Online Haunted Hotel, you are one of 6 guests trying to escape. The murder also controls one of the guests. Use furniture to hide, slow down the assailant, or attempt a mad dash for the exit. More information to come later.


With the Dual System players can choose between a serious play through, or a humorous one. Due to this, Ithica is one of the first M-T rated games. A different experience between those looking for serious game play and those looking for humor.


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