Eager to seek his own solutions. Well trained in sword play by Kain. Fenril wants to explore the world. But first visits his birthplace, Ithica before setting out on his journey.

Mayor of Kiros village. Cashew easily wins reelections because of his efficiency and cautiousness. On occasion he visits Yomi, the previous mayor for advice. Cashew is friends with Troy.

Previously a sword instructor. Troy became immersed in archeology. He has a deep seeded desire to learn from the past. Troy can wield relics, like Kain. He's friendly with everyone he meets. However his muse is his work above all else.

Often distant, doesn't get along with most. Kain's reasons for joining Troy in Ithica are more of a financial perspective. Kain often protects Troy. The two are very close. In his spare time he helped raise, Fenril. When Irene divorced Troy, Kain decided to continue to aid Troy, amassing a small amount of money from Troy's findings.

Created to defeat Phaeton. He was never given his chance. While testing his powers in battle after battle. Zero became horrified seeing the blood lust, taking no chances, sealed him away. Nocturne is a hot head, and prefers mind games. He likes fighting opposition, sometimes unable to distinguish between friend and foe.

After the war she was tasked to watch over the secrets of the past. One of them is as Nocturne's jailor. She rarely leaves her mansion. Veeorah is a recluse. She maintains peace on the island, often hiring mercenaries to keep the monster population down. Even though she did no fighting in the war, she is an agile warrior.

The mayor of Ithica City. He's the final decision maker on all matters. Veeorah has no problem leaving him in charge. A capable person often trying to see all sides of the situation. Like Cashew he prioritizes the safety of all.

Also known as the hermit. Yomi left Kiros to live on his own at the base of the mountains, tucked away from everyone. Sometimes Yomi will venture into town. He's been distant ever since his wife, and child were slain by monsters; while helping Troy in the Great Passage. Kain pays his respects to him once a year.

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