Dalton Standard Initial Test

It is estimated around 30% of people can't get motion sickness. Think about that number. Most will get ill under certain conditions. This wasn't addressed back in the days of 2d graphics. It wasn't an issue. But as we pushed into photo real visuals, it became a massive problem for first person shooters, VR, and many other types of games.

While developing Ithica at 8k resolution, 600 fps. We quickly realized this could make everyone extremely nauseous. It's bad business if 1/4 of the human race could play our product. That's when Rigo came up with the Dalton Standard. A meter for games. A nausea chart for the human eye. With this data developers can make any content for the majority.

By using the Dalton Standard, companies will know exactly what the ranges are. Then they can make a wide variety of changes to sell to significantly larger audiences. More money. Once all the data is compiled the score can be placed on all games like the ESRB. To assure it rolls out quickly and effectively we aimed for a non profit method.


Some of the initial test information.
Diagonal measurement × 2.5 (corresponding to 20-degree viewing angle) Diagonal measurement × 1.2 (corresponding to 40-degree viewing angle)
Source Crutchfield Optimum Viewing Angle HDTV, Plasma, LED, LCD, and IPS(Highest Quality LED), OLED screens.
26" 3.25' – 5.5' (1.0 m – 1.7 m), 70" 8.75' – 14.75' (2.7 m – 4.5 m)
A image will be given to give ideal optimization of colors.
1.) Preferred Distance
2.) Times: 15 mins, 1 hour, 5 Hours
3.) Room Temp 65f-80f
4.) Empty, Full, Medium Stomach
5.) Hertz/FPS 30-600
6.) Camera Perspective
7.) Graphics 2d, 3d
8.) Resolution

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