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15 years Experience                 Updated: 3/16/2010

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I programmed my first PC game at age 10 on the Apple IIe and progressed to the 1995 IBM. After discovering the Graal engine, I made my first PC game from scratch creating 2d/3d graphics, sound effects, plot, and programming. The game was online and over 30 hours long. I hosted my own server with Graalonline, managing my own team, communicating often with the Graal staff, and overhauling the original game, "Ithica". I continued to learn advanced programming, servers maintenance, and 2d pixel art techniques. The game was run online from college up to my first year in the game industry.

My time at began over four years ago. As a 2d artist, I drew everything from sketches to storyboards, but mostly character design. Shortly thereafter, N2D acquired funding which enabled me to begin work on 3d models while it contracted out to Itv (now called Publicgames).

Itv created a series of Javascript based hotel games. The games I worked on, "Black Jack", "Haunted Hotel", and "Battlecraft", were out on the market for a year. A TV/Comp setup enabled me to gauge the differences in screen resolution and quality. While working on and off for Itv (1-2 months per game made), hired me.

With Nordicsoft, I was in charge of overhauling all their graphics for a game called, "Multiminer", also known as "Diamond Caves 3". I worked on every graphical aspect of the game. That meant thousands of frames of animation, numerous walk cycles, run cycles, explosions, and more dirt and rock textures than I care to recall. On top of making interface designs, I created CGI artwork for the game. There were about 10,000 frames of animation and 1,000 image files.

Afterward, NIIT(Now known as Tecknowhive) contracted me to write a textbook. I became co-author of a book called, "Game Cinematics". By that time I worked with companies within the US, overseas, and Canada. After learning about working with international companies big and small, including start up ventures, I adapted to language barriers as well. Tecknowhive involved extensive writing and editing. I wrote about 10,000 words per day. While finalizing the Tecknowhive job, I was hired by 4thdimension to work on a few of their games.

For 4thdimension, the games started out simple in Javascript, and evolved into Direct X games with multiplayer features, along with a fully functional chat room where players could meet. While working closely with the programmer, we developed the game play mechanics for the games "Space Junk", and "Flowers of Doom". After 4thdimension, I returned to Publicgames who were then converting their business to online sources. In charge of overhauling a few pieces of work that I did for them in the past, I continued working on a Tetris-style game using gems. Afterward, I returned to N2D to complete work on, “Don’t Mind”.

Blackwater Software was my 7th contracted company. With a staff of 30 people we worked on the game, "Kingdom Lost". It’s a medieval FPS style game using the Half Life 2 engine along with other software. Some artists had Maya, Soft Image, and others Studio Max, making it essential to have a grasp of all 3 types for transferring files back and forth. Then we ported the files into the game. I started out as the 3d weapon/props designer, and later the 3d level designer. In my spare time I also helped others with 3d art, animation, rigging, and level design. Towards the end, most of my time was spent working on level design, and tweaking current obj props.

As the lead artist of UglyWart Studios, I managed a team of 20 people, making sure deadlines were maintained. I helped with HR and attended various meetings on game design. I developed interfaces, characters, and some combat mechanics, which resulted in a working demo of the game. As the project was completed, the rest was left to the owner to obtain further funding.

My work at Forever Interactive was immense. As level designer I modeled hundreds of props, buildings, creatures, and created a few map layouts. There were weekly meetings, weekly deadlines, constant communications with lead designers. The team grew to over 30 people. Their website is still up. They are pursuing new funding. Email me for further details as I currently can't give out any additional information in public.

My recent job with Totally Red Software involved the creation of interface design at the beginning along with 3d art. The art I created involved a lot of animation with very short deadlines per game. On occasion I would also edit parts of some games. The teams were small, 2-5 people. I created art for a total of 10 contract games that shipped. By request of my previous employer if you want to see any of the art, animation I created for the job, please email me for details. I'll continue to apply my 7 years of professional experience to an industry that is always changing.